One Stupid Python mistake I made

Last night I was doing a LeetCode question about Sudoku, when I wanted to generate a list of 9 empty list elements, which is like this:


Of course as a smart programmer I won’t waste my time in typing 9 empty columns but thought up another way to create that list: [[]] * 9, which at least made perfect sense to me.

However, something magic happened when I start to put elements in those lists:

>>> a = [[]]*9
>>> a[3].append(5)
>>> a
[[5], [5], [5], [5], [5], [5], [5], [5], [5]]

:/ … emmmm

So Python, in fact, is doing pretty smartly here: Whenever we called [], python will actually translate it into list(), which is a constructor that allocates free memory and creates a pointer for us to use. So when I used [[]]*9, Python actually only copied literally 9 pointers which points to the same memory.

So the correct way to create n empty list of list could be like this:

[[] for _ in range(9)]
# or
[list() for _ in range(9)]

:/… Right, it does feel weird to use list generator, but it is my best solution to do that at least.

I hate Python 😀

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